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Yh220 Dsls Yanmar
Characteristics of the YH220-DSLS Yanmar
  • kVA: 14.1
  • Canopy unit

These single phase diesel generators are ideal as standby for businesses or households using solar power with other uses  including back-up in the case of power cuts or as electricity for those who are unable to access the grid. Made in Japan the new YH Series of Single Phase , 4 pole generator sets  are available in 5 models Technically advanced, the YH series generators remain easy to operate, with user friendly design and safety features including a turn-key start, digital control panel, rain cap for outdoor use, key-lock fuel access, engine oil drain pump for easy maintenance, emergency shutdown and more. At the heart of the Yanmar YH series of water cooled generators is the world leading Yanmar TNV series engine, a robust Japanese-manufactured workhorse that meets all current Australian emission standards.

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