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Mann Filters Australia

Integral to guaranteeing the highest level of performance for diesel-powered products and components is a filtration system that adequately prevents impurities from clogging up and damaging sensitive areas of the machinery. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the industry and the requirements of our customers the team at LK Diesel Service have a number of durable and effective diesel filters suitable for all types of specialised diesel-powered machinery.

Mann Filters Melbourne

Based in Braeside the passionate and exceptional team at LK Diesel Service are well-positioned to supply renowned Mann+Hummel filters throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area and beyond. No matter what industry you are specialising in if you utilise diesel-powered components and machinery you can rest-assured in knowing that LK Diesel Service can deliver the best filters on the market at competitive prices.

Mann Filters in Braeside, Dandenong, Oakleigh & wider Melbourne

When it comes to selecting diesel filters for your machinery and components it is natural that you want the one with the best reputation for keeping the pipes and sensitive components of your diesel-powered machinery free from any impurities. Thanks to our supply of Mann+Hummel filters customers in Braeside, Dandenong, Oakleigh, and other Melbourne suburbs can trust us to ensure the long operational life of their diesel products and components.

Mann Filters Distributors Australia

With over 46 years of outstanding experience assisting customers from multiple industries LK Diesel is renowned for being one of the best Mann+Hummel distributors in Australia. To learn more about how we can assist you or to view our wide range of products feel free to drop in to our workshop or speak to a member of our helpful team today.