Hatz Engines Australia

At LK Diesel Service we are committed to continually improving and enhancing our already outstanding range of diesel engines and support components. Drawing on over 46 years of focused and personalised experience our passionate team have developed strong professional ties with renowned international manufacturers. Specifically designed and manufactured for industrial environments and purposes the Hatz range of diesel engines incorporate the best elements of German engineering. At LK Diesel Service we proudly offer Hatz Engines to customers across Australia regardless of their location.

Hatz Engines Melbourne

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the best diesel engines and products available on the market, combined with our passion for delivering unmatched customer satisfaction and service, the team at LK Diesel Service stock only the best parts, engines, and components based on the specific needs of our customers and their industry. With our wide range of Hatz diesel engines Melbourne-based businesses can trust LK Diesel to ensure that they receive the highest quality diesel-powered engines available on the market.

Hatz Engines in Braeside, Dandenong, Moorabbin & wider Melbourne

From our Braeside location the skilled team at LK Diesel Service can promptly aid businesses throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area regarding their specific diesel engine requirements. Designed to consume less diesel for a higher rate of output while being environmentally-friendly Hatz diesel engines are perfect for all uses. To find out more about the benefits of Hatz engines Braeside, Dandenong, Moorabbin, and customers from surrounding suburbs can contact us today.