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Ydg3700n Yanmar
Characteristics of the YDG3700N Yanmar
  • kVA: 3.0
  • Canopy unit

The YDG series is ideal for Power and Economy on a smaller scale If you are looking for a silent, compact power source with minimum fluctuations, the YDG is waiting for you. Durability and long operation are designed in combined with Mobility which approaches that of a gasoline generator along with the direct injection air cooled diesels which are amongst the smallest in the world deliver very good fuel savings. The power is high, The cost is low with a variety of specifications and accessories available for most markets. Listen carefully, or you might not even notice the YDG generator at work. FEATURING:

  • Versatile Power
  • Dusk-to-dawn operation without fill-up
  • Total carry-around convenience
  • Peaceful power
  • Alarm system
  • Instant, no-effort starts
  • Easy Maintenance, Long lasting
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