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These are the characteristics of the J108
  • The Kubota J108 is a two pole

  • Partially enclosed

  • Single phase diesel engine with a capacity of 8kVA at 3000RPM

Engine Specifications
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)37
Operating Hours11.5 @ full load 
Starting SystemElectric
Weight (kgs)255
Sound Levels75dBA @ 7m
Dimensions (mm)995 x 593 x 860
Type4-Cycle Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Displacement (cc)719
No of Cylinders3
Bore & Stroke (mm)67 x 68
Rated Output10.3kW @ 3000rpm
AlternatorTypeRevolving Field
Max Output8.8kVA (8.8kW)
Rated Output8kVA(8kW)
Power Factor1
Voltage RegulationAVR
Engine Construction
  • The vertical diesel engines directly coupled to the generator ensures high output at minimal size and weight.

  • The wave form deformation is kept to a minimum with the development of a skewed rotor, while damper windings protect the generator against short circuits.

  • The larger capacity fuel tank enables longer periods of operation on a single tank of fuel.

  • New access terminals are provided for easy wiring with the auto start / stop systems

  • Oil, water and filters are located on one side for ease maintenance and a double air cleaner element adds extra piece of mind.

Engine Perfomance