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These are the characteristics of the RK70
  • The Kubota RK70 is a horizontal

  • Water-cooled

  • Four cycle diesel engine with a capacity of 7HP at 2400RPM

  • Providing a rugged and reliable power solution for a wide variety of applications

Engine Specifications
TypeWater Cooled Horizontal Diesel Engine
Number of Cyclinders1
Bore & Stroke80mm x 75mm
Total Displacement (cc)376
Combustion SystemE-TVCS
Intake SystemNaturally Aspirated
Max Output kW/rpm (hp/rpm)5.2/2400 (7.0/2400)
Cont Output kW/rpm (hp/rpm)4.5/2200 (6.0/2200)
Starting SystemManual Crank Handle / Electric Start
Engine Protection Kits
Auto Start and Shutdown
Engine Construction
  • Indirect injection engines equipped with Kubota‚Äôs TVC system for greater power output and more steady, quiet operation.

  • Built-in balancer suppresses noise and vibration caused by the piston.

  • Highly efficient combustion system prevents heat loss and maximises performance.

  • Complete with a manual or electric start option with a backup manual crank start.

  • Highly efficient diesel engines with superior fuel economy.

  • Global brand renowned for its high performing and reliable engines.

Engine Perfomance
SPEED (RPM)2200-2400