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Wide range of spare parts in Melbourne

Wide range to suit all needs

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Spare parts

Here at LK Diesel Service, helping customers with after sales support is very important. Our spare parts team of Lorna, Jens and Chris are highly trained and look forward to assisting you with all your spare parts enquiries.

With Lorna’s 45 years of experience in the industry and Jens and Chris being qualified diesel mechanics, there is plenty of knowledge to help you with your needs.


Over a hundred years' experience in the development of combustion engines has made Deutz one of the worldwide market leaders. Download the pdfs below or call us for more info!

Air Cooled

Liquid cooled

Our range

  • Deutz
  • Kubota 5 Star Dealer
  • Hatz Diesel
  • Kohler Diesel – incorporating Lombardini and Ruggerini
  • MTU/ Mercedes Industrial Parts
  • VM Motori


Throughout the years, Kubota has always produced the most technologically advanced engines possible. Download the pdfs below or call us for more info!



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We will always endeavour to resolve any parts enquiries or questions you may have, even if it means going ‘above and beyond the call of duty.’ Whether you have a machine down and are losing production time or you are someone who likes to tinker and has a passion for engines, we are here to help. 

A wide range of engines for different markets.

Mann Filters Including ProVent

We are pleased to announce we are agents for Mann & Hummel filters including their ProVent breather filtration products.

Download the pdf below or call us for more info!


Hatz has been around since the late 1800's. The company has always been dedicated to providing the absolute highest quality products.

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Our environment

Committed to delivering an effective and low-impact service to our customers across Australia the dedicated team at LK Diesel Service is passionate about exercising complete environmental responsibility. To prevent any leakage of toxic pollutants and by-products from entering the ecosystem we capture and store the trade waste until they are collected by authorised EPA-approved companies for safe disposal.

Given that we work with metals, alloys, and other materials that contain harmful substances we ensure that our wash bay contains underground storage areas to isolate and collect waste water from entering the environment. This collected waste water is then removed by EPA-approved companies for safe disposal. All scrap metal is separated into corresponding drums for correct removal. Additionally, all used oils and miscellaneous liquids are stored and collected for correct recycling.

At LK Diesel Service ensuring that we remain environmentally viable is a very important concern for us. To ensure that no toxic emissions are sent into the air our dyno room cooling tower is registered to, and adheres to the guidelines set by, the Department of Human Services. For additional safety we have a comprehensive risk management plan in place and both the tower and our plan is audited every twelve months.


Renowned for the power output and streamlined engineering design of their diesel engines Kohler lives and breathes enhancing and improving diesel-powered engines. Available in both air and liquid-cooled varieties the performance limits of Kohler diesel engines ensure they are able to perform in a wide range of applications and environments.

Download the pdfs below or call us for more info!

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